With regard to the young man, allegedly at the wheel of the car BMW X6, which drove Moscow park "Muzeon" filed two cases on administrative offenses. This & nbsp; reported on Saturday, August 20, a spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry Irina Wolf.

As a result of police checks on cab prosecuted under Part 1 of Article 12.15 of the Administrative Code ( "Violation of the rules of the vehicle location on the roadway, passing oncoming traffic, as well as movement on the edges or the intersection of organized transport or walking columns or place of employment in it ") and Part 2 of article 12.15 of the Administrative Code (" movement for bicycle or pedestrian paths or sidewalks in violation of traffic rules »).

In addition, the young man made as h protocol. 2 of Article 12.7 of the Administrative Code ( "Driving a vehicle driver, deprived of the right to drive a vehicle»)

With regard to the offender's father also prosecuted for the transfer of the vehicle to the person deprived of a driving license.

«It is worth noting that for the listed offenses the law provides for liability up to an administrative arrest for up to fifteen days", - noted Irina Volk .

On August 19, the metropolitan administration MIA & nbsp; reported & nbsp; on the detention of the alleged violator. He was taken to one of the police departments.

Earlier in the day, & nbsp; appeared & nbsp; information that the person cab mounted. They found 20-year-old resident of the Central Administrative District Kirill Romanov. Machine formally belongs to his father, and he for one year was deprived of the rights to operate the vehicle in February 2016.

Video avtoregistratora, which was captured toll "Muzeon" appeared in Instagram 17 August. Park Administration & nbsp; called & nbsp; post installation, however, the roller, the author stated that the video the present. Some time later the record & nbsp; disappeared, the owner explained that hacking your account